“Developing Music Portfolio’s for a  Variety of  Needs” 

About Us

SiiAnn Records & Music Productions has been in business for over 15 years. We are a seasoned music production company serving all genres of music. We are your "One Stop" destination. SiiAnn Records & Music Productions creates and develops music portfolio's for a variety of needs.

Our Services

SiiAnn Records & Music Productions creates trendy original musical compositions specifically designed around our client’s desires and needs. Our digital studio recordings and music productions cover a wide platform of listeners. We welcome all Artists, Businesses, Marketing Companies, Movie and Theater Production companies to join the SiiAnn family as we grow successfully together.

SiiAnn Records & Music Productions creates:
Original Jingles for marketing and media, musical compositions for recording artists and record labels, sound tracks for movies and theatre productions, lyric writing or full song production for artist and record labels.

Our Team

Our experienced team creates original musical compositions that will inspire the music listeners of every genre. There are no limitations with creativity with the “SiiAnn Records & Music Productions” team.

Meet "Sii" …. 

Our Music Producer, Lyricist, and Songwriter: “SII”…Wayland “Sii” Bellamy is a seasoned, radical and gifted music producer that creates original and trendy musical compositions for all genres. He has produced with National Grammy award winning Hip Hop Group “Arrested Development “ as well as worked as a music producer with MTV Real World London. “Sii” has also produced many up and coming artist on the east coast. He has served as music director for “Rasadon” of Arrested Development. He was a recording band member of “Arrested Development” live album Japan.  

Meet "Ann" …. 

Our Lyricist, Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter and Creative Developer….”ANN”… Cassandra “Ann” Kelly aka C. Kelly is gifted and driven to deliver: Hip Hop, R&B. Pop, and Inspirational sounds that will change the lives of all that hears. She has a passion that burns within for music, melodies and creates dynamic and lyrical vocal compositions that the world will love and remember. Cassandra has written and recorded with professional recording artist and has produced many songs. She has a library of many original songs and is driven, loyal and dedicated to providing quality work and sound within her musical gifts.

Together as partners “SiiAnn”  makes a dynamic music production team and strive for nothing but excellence when creating musical productions. With both of their experiences and skills combined they create memorable, heartfelt and trendy musical productions that businesses, artists, consumers, and listeners will enjoy forever.

If you desire to work with the SiiAnn team that comes with years of experience in the music industry, and have the confidence in understanding todays musical trends, then SiiAnn is the production team for you!

SiiAnn Records
& Music Productions LLC.
Wayland C. Bellamy, President
Cassandra A. Kelly, Vice President